3 Reasons Why FUE Hair Transplant Works So Well

Follicular Unit Extraction Transplantation

First of all, it is important to make clear what follicular Unit Extraction stands for and how the process works. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a process of FUE hair transplant Singapore that takes “donor sites” of hair from different parts of your head and transplants them to bald spots of your head to help your hair grow in thicker and healthier.

Hair loss is an overwhelming and embarrassing process that unfortunately becomes a piece of some men and women’s lives. However, there is now a process of FUE hair transplant Singapore that can help you or a loved one overcome hair loss. Here are a few reasons why FUE hair transplant Singapore works so well.

Modern versions of FUE hair transplant Singapore cause hardly any damage to all parts of the head. Even in the donor areas, there is hardly any damage to the skin and follicles underneath the skin. This is great because it allows the process to be an outpatient and rather simple process.

The overall process of transplantation

The basic overall process is that a tool makes tiny invisible circular cuts picking up healthy follicles from the head, then transplants them onto parts of the head that are not growing healthy hair.

This very minimal damage allows for the process to be more successful because there are less healthy follicles that get caught in the crossfire of the process of follicular unit extraction and die. This process that causes less damage allows for more follicles to be transferred successfully and helps the hair grow thicker and healthier. Therefore, the DUE process is a better option because it causes less damage to the surrounding skin.

More high tech transplantation

The follicular unit extraction technology is the leading on the market and can help you. The technology is basically brand new and has been proven over and over to be more successful. If your hair is balding anyway, will moving it around really help that much?

If the balding process continues then won’t the hair just continue to fall out anyway. Well using FUE hair transplant Singapore process to move the follicle basically replants the hair and can largely stop it from falling out or at least slow it greatly. It is important that the process is done correctly and by a surgeon who knows what they are doing.

If it is done incorrectly or the donor hair isn’t removed correctly it can cause bad scarring as well as be unsuccessful. The person with the hair loss must go through some testing to ensure that they are a good candidate for the process. The hair loss can be reduced if the FUE is done correctly. Hair loss can be reduced by other things as well like a healthier lifestyle and medications. However, these changes are not always successful and are not quick like the DUE process is.

The Process is Fast
Another great reason why the DUE process is much more successful is because the process is much faster and the healing is easier. The less time the skin is damaged or distressed the more hair follicles will end happy and healthy. This creates much healthier hair. The DUE process is much faster with most clients reporting that they are feeling less pain and back to work less than 24 hours after the process is completed.

This is great because the skin is damaged for less time. This faster healing time helps more follicles successfully make it into the skin on the head. The faster the healing process the more successful the process. The quicker the process the more successful it is. Along with that, it is more life friendly because you will spend less time under the weather and away from life and work because of FUE Hair Transplant Singapore.

If you are suffering from hair loss then stop suffering and look into the process of Follicular Unit Extraction. This easy process is quick and relatively painless. It can get your hair growing by easily transferring healthy hair follicles to parts of the head that need it. The process can also help slow the process of losing hair and hopefully help slow the hair loss process over time. If you are suffering from hair thinning or loss don’t suffer any longer and use this process of follicular unit extraction hair transplant Singapore to help you with your hair problems.